My Kids Farm  Nigerian Dwarf, Purebred Nubians, FB
Boer, American Alpines, LaMancha and Grade Dairy
Goats In Alaska
Here at My Kids Farm we try to enjoy each day with our animals whether feeding, or just visiting
with them. We think animals are a vital part of our lives and help to instill compassion and
responsibility in our children.  It is a fact that animals promote emotional wellbeing. Whether
you are looking for a milker for your family, a companion animal or one to show we can help
head you in the right direction.  There are a growing number of Alaskan breeders with quality
tested animals of many breeds.
Mark  Jr. to the left with his Reserve Best in Show Blue Sr.
Polish Buck Enlow's S71 who also won Best in Show at the
Youth show that day.  At our May show he received  the
Honorabe Mention award twice. Nice Nice Rabbit!
Thanks for looking,

Mark, Karlene, and the lucky 7.. McKenzy, Mark Jr., Jordan,  Megan,  Mason,  Emma and Noah  
                                    MY KIDS FARM
                             P.O Box 877465
                                                                            Wasilla, Alaska 99687
Put your hands up if you wanna see some very nice goats!
Noah Pierre Brouillet
8/25/08  9:36am  7lb  19.5

Our newest addition and he IS the
last off the production line. Lucky
number 7!
Megan and Mason with baby Nubians, LaMancha's and
Mini-Nubians this March.
McKenzy milking Tomcat a first freshening GE.  
Great attachment, capacity, and stands like a
Megan in the background and a few cuties between her and Mason.  Our LGD
Keisha is keeping watch.
Emma will take you to them!
June 08 photo
September 08
Emma bringing the girls in.
"I thought you'd enjoy our goats"
2008 show season ribbons