About Our Business

We are a family farm in progress, located on 375 acres at Point Mackenzie, Alaska. We raise
assorted goats, rabbits and occasional beef and pig for sale. Starting in 2008 we plan to have our
first crop of hay for sale also.

Our goal is to provide friendly well bred animals for small to large people of all ages.

We started on a small 2 acre parcel outside of Wasilla, Alaska in 1999 with 3 children, 3 horses, 4
goats, 2 ducks and 8 chickens.  Our family has grown to 6 children now,70  goats, 3 horses, our
LGD Keisha and assorted poultry. Hmm and over 100 rabbits. Polish of all variety, Silver Martins ,
Rex,  and a couple Mini-Lops.  Check specific species and or breed pages to see show wins,
available animals or just for fun.

Our goat herd consists of  Nigerian Dwarf goats,  Nubians,  American Alpines, Toggenbergs, 3
miniature Nubians,  6 FB Boers and 2 75% Boers.  All our goats tested negative again this year for
CAE and Jonhnies.  We are still adding a few animals to our herd and will be adding LaMancha's
this year 2008.  
We are going on Official Milk test this year!!  Our first test
should be the last week of January or the first week of
February 2008.  
We conducted our very first DHI test  on
February 4th 2008.
February 2009
We managed to complete our year of DHI!!  No small feat with
a surprise pregnancy and 6 other kids.  The girls did fabulous
despite my schedule or lack thereof.  Hopefully I can do
better this year and get out there 2x a day at least 10 hours
apart and make sure I get out there EVERYDAY!  Life gets
pretty crazy with kids in 3 different schools, even 2 different
schools proves brutal with them bieng 20-30 miles away for
the extra curricular activites.  This fall will push us back into 3
different schools again with Mason starting Kindegarten,  
Megan and Jordan in a 3rd-5th grade school and Mark and
McKenzy in the 6th-8th grade middle school.  Whoa daddy
2010 will have us in 4 different schools for several years as
McKenzy rolls into Highschool and Emma into Kindegarten!
Keep in mind this was fully treed with 20 years of regrowth when my father P.A. started
this project last summer.  He knocked down all the smaller trees between the berms or
windrows (that were made when it was cleared 20 years ago).  He has taken out as
many windrows as possible, however due to the massive root systems and stumps
many are impassable.  Alot of the stumps and root clods are as big as a ford focus!   
This field above is about 17 acres and will hopefully be disked and planted the last
week of June 2006.  We have one other 10 acre field almost completely raked that will
also be disked and planted along with it. Oh yes don't forget the fertilizer $$$$ OUCH!   

Hmm  27 down and ready and only another 160 acres to go!  I will try to get some
pictures of the last 3 rows that will be knocked down before he shuts down for the
season. Once the fireweed goes to cotton the clearing is done as it plugs the radiator
in less than an hour.  The pictures above don't show near the effort he has put into
getting it ready to plant. The trees were so thick you had a hard time walking through
them.  Slow and tedious work no doubt.
27 acres was planted June 30th!!!! The photo below on the right is our
very first field, pictured is my father Pierre Seney the "Cat Skinner".  The
land was cleared with a D7 Caterpillar Dozer with a homemade rootrake
attached to the blade.
Land clearing at the Point
pictures below.
September 2007
He was the Hero of my life to start with!

Our clearing quota has been met and now onto building projects!  

October 2007

The rabbit barn is almost complete, and boy is my husband ever putting his all into it!  16x28 with a porch no
less.  I sure can't wait to start moving rabbits in as the weather is COLD about now!  
Next project is finishing the 28 foot remainder of the goat barn.  Wish winter could hold off just a little bit

November 2007  
Rabbits are all in the rabbit barn, now all we need in there is concrete floors and dairy vinyl for the walls!
Goat Barn update:
The 28 foot bottom addition is now complete.  We now need the overhead garage doors on both ends and the
upstairs framed, wired and roofed.  The water line was also run into the barn so I have water right there! Wow
I am going to get sooooooooooo fat and lazy!
Well we now have 44 acres planted in oats and timothy for this year and 19 in
timothy from last years plant. The photos below are of one of those fields.
The two photos above are the same field.  One is taken in
June right after planting and rolling and the other in August.
 We had a dry spell right after planting and did not get alot
of growth.  What we did have the goats absolutely loved!
The photo to the left is what dad knocked
down 2 years prior and then scraped off the
summer of 2007.  Some of the trees had root
systems as big as a compact car.  Did I
mention there were 187 acres just like this?
Somewhere I have the before starting
photo's and will get them up.