ARMCH GCH Piddlin Acres
KR Seattle Mist 3*M 3*D
++V+  83 Good  as a 2nd freshener
2009 Linear 88 as a 4th freshener
2009 AGS Classification 90 as a 4th freshener
2011 Linear Appraisal 88

Sire: Piddlin Acres Kings Ransom   
Dam: SG Piddlin Acres Blue Moonshadow
2*M 2*D E

DS:MCH/PGCH Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder
DD: MCH Piddlin Acres Neon Moon *D 'E'

SS: MCH Greengate King Midas +S    
SD: Piddlin Acres Mi Vida Loca

2005 Alaska State Fair
ADGA/AGS 2x Grand Champion Jr. Doe  
And 2x Best Jr. Doe in Show.  
2006 Reserve Sr. doe FBX show.
2008 Reserve Sr. doe behind her herdmate
Rhythm in all 4 shows June 19th.
2008 Alaska State Fair AGS show Reserve Sr
Doe to herdmate Rythym in a large class of
23 milkers under Rusty Repp.

Seattle has 4 AGS legs. 3 Under the same
judge. Her 3rd leg from Heather Arts was not
given due to her registration number being
wrong on the show win form.  
Always double
check the show forms!

Seattle was GC under Karen Senn and Lynn
Benedict in our July 3rd show. Reserve under
Marie Layman. Woot Woot this should do her!
Last Updated
July 10, 2009
Senior Nigerian Does                   
2006 first

2009 Linear 88 at 11 yrs old and 14 freshenings!
DOB: 3/98    21"
Sire:MCH/PGCH Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder (VG)*+S
Dam: MCH Piddlin Acres Neon Moon    *D E (90.6)

I have always adored this doe, and her daughter Seattle is my favorite
girl, always in my pocket.
1 RGCH 2009, 1 RGCH 2010 1 AGS GCH  @ BIS 2010

ARMCH SGCH Piddlin Acres PV Feel the Rhythm
*D *M  
 2009 AGS Classification 90.6 ADGA Linear 90
2011 Linear Appraisal EEEE 91
dob 4/03

Sire's Sire: MCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch ++*S E
Sire: Twin Creeks BW Peaceful  Voyage +*S  VG  
Sire's Dam: MCH Twin Creeks BH Mariri's Zinnia 4*D E

Dam's Sire: Little Rascal's Mufasa VG
Dam: Piddlin Acres Symphony
Dam's Dam: Piddlin Acres Concerto

Rhythmn went to 6 ADGA shows and was bis at half of them,
best udder in show at 4 and Best of Breed/Best Udder in all 10
shows of the last season..  so far in 2009 she is undeafeted in
the classes she competed in.  She has also earned a couple
more BDIS awards this year.
 2nd Place 7 and over with 2nd
udder 2010 ADGA National Show Louisvilled KY.
We are repeating the breeding to Spanish Fly 1st doe retained. Buck
reservations are open.  Doe reservations closed for 2010 & 2012
Does listed in order of age.

SilverAurora JC WhyNotLoveMe *D *M
D.O.B 2/17/06    LA Score  87 VG  AR#2206

Sire: AGS Jobi Cloud *B
SS: AGS Jobi Crown
SD: AGS Jobi Cream

Dam: AGS QSF DTI Patience 1*M AR
DS:  AGS Artists Eye Dressed To Impress
DD: AGS Piddlin Acres Twilight

WhyNot earned several RGCH placings in 2008 and now has 2 AGS legs.

SOLD Thanks Herb and Heidi
Seattle does not like to pose, she really
wants to chew on my fingers as in her
yearling photo above.  Not happy without
her lips on me.
Piddlin Acres BZ Texas Twist *D *M
La Score VEV+  85 VG

2009 ADGA Linear 85

2006 Reserve Champion Jr. Doe

Dam: Piddlin Acres Clouds Mirage
Sire: Lost Valley TB Bonzai *S

DS: Twin Creeks BW Peaceful Voyage +*S VG    
DD: Piddlin Acres Black Cloud *D  VG

SS: Lost Valley Tae Bo *S     
SD: Lost Valley Tambourine 3*D

Sold Thanks Taryn!
Seattle 3rd freshening
udder 2008
WhyNot at our June 19th show